About Us

Who is


YOURMAID is a locally owned and operated cleaning service. We cleaned our first home on June 18, 1987. In the past twenty years we have provided thorough, reliable service to over 150,000 homes in Hampton Roads.

How do I

communicate my cleaning needs?

Our friendly, professional office staff is always available to help with scheduling requirements, special service visits, or simply to listen to your concerns. Every home is different and our goal go there is to provide dependable, thorough service compatible with your routine and cleaning needs at an affordable price.

Must I be

home when the team arrives?

It is never necessary for you to be at home when your home is cleaned. All YOURMAID employees are insured and bonded for your peace of mind. Our teams are fully trained and always under direct supervision. You need not arrange your schedule around the team’s arrival.

Must I provide the cleaning supplies?

Our teams will arrive with all of the necessary supplies and equipment to thoroughly clean your home and leave it sparkling. All of the cleaning products used are environmentally friendly, however if there is a particular product you would like used in your home,
simply leave it on the kitchen counter.

Must I sign a contract?

Our service is available on an occasional or regular basis with no long-term commitment. We can accommodate move-in/move-out cleanings, seasonal cleanings, occasional service or regular maintenance service. Simply tell us which type of service will work best for your lifestyle.